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I care about providing you with thoughtful and proactive services to ensure your transactions process correctly and efficiently. It’s important to me to do incredible work daily for both my clients and their customers. 

“We cannot tell the future. We can tell the future who we will be, and how we will respond to it.” – Patrick Hall

The notary witnesses A person sign their name onto a Decision they believe in.

A notary ACTS AS a witness at a document signing to ensure everything is on the up & up.

Preparing for Notary

The role of the notary is to identify an individual as the person who is named in a document and verify that they are willingly signing or swearing to the document on their own accord.

Are you ready for notary?

  1. Documents are completed in full and ready to sign, no blanks.
  2. Signers have active government-issued IDs that match the name on the document.
  3. All signers have reviewed the paperwork and understand the significance of the documents, they are willing and ready to sign. 

“I loved my experience with my notary, I let everyone in my industry know just how awesome they are - they bring life to the work"

When people ask, “What do you do?” you Answer: “Whatever it takes”

“I knew my notary cared when she arrived 10 minutes early and had proactively prepared for our appointment - These first impressions made me a customer for life."

Seamless & Efficient

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