Preparing for Notary

UNderstanding of roles

  • Signers are responsible for their documents. They provide them or have reviewed their terms in advance. Signers should agree to documents in advance, being fully at peace with all agreements before notary.

  • A Notary simply verifies identity, competency, and willingness, further affirming integrity at a document signing and providing a notarial act/certificate thereafter

Documents Completed in Full before appointment

By Law, documents should be completed in full before notarization. All blanks should be filled in and accounted for.  For questions about documents, seek your industry professional or an attorney for legal advice. For questions about easiest processing, contact the receiving agency. 

Present Active ID

All signers will have active (not expired) government issued picture identification at notary appointment. (Bringing 2 IDs is even better!)

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License / State ID
  • Military ID
  • or 2 Witnesses w/ ID


 Your responsibility to complete documents in advance, seeking legal or professional advice from an attorney or qualified agency concerning your documents.

Notary verifies identity, competency and\ willingness, and

“I loved my experience with my notary, I let everyone in my industry know just how awesome they are"